How to Start Performing in Local Theatre


It is never too late or too early to take an interest in performing on stage. People of all ages enjoy being part of stage performances. It can be a truly rewarding experience to take part in a production. If you have never acted on stage before and do not know where to begin then take a moment to look over these tips on how to start performing in local theatre.

Community Theatre

The first thing you need to realize if you want to start performing is that community theatre is the best place to start. You will not get discovered or suddenly end up being recognized by some famous director. If that is what you are hoping for, get the thought out of your head. What community theatre does provide is the opportunity to hone your skills and learn how to act. With community theatre you can get used to the process of rehearsing, preparing, and acting in a production. Consider your time with community theatre as training, but understand that you may never go beyond this level.

You Do Not Need an Agent

Oliver!-Theatre-Royal-Dru-001If you have never acted before, you do not need an agent. Agents are individuals that try to find parts for actors that already have experience. You should also be aware that agents do not require any fees up front. When you reach the point where you would like to hire an agent, avoid any agents that ask for fees in advance. Instead, they will require a percentage of your earnings from any jobs that they are able to find for you.

Learn Additional Skills

There is often more to community theatre and theatre productions in general than just standing on stage and acting. Depending on the production you are involved in you may need to be able to sing and dance. So, in addition to learning how to act, you may have to take the time to attend some dance classes or schedule some vocal lessons. Having a wide variety of skills that can be used on stage is helpful. You can think of each of these skills as an important part of your acting resume.

Practice Your Skills

theatre_rotator2In addition to learning some extra skills you should also practice. Practice your acting, your singing, your dancing, until you feel comfortable with yourself. It may help to practice in front of others or have a friend read lines with you. The more practice you get the more you will be ready for the stage.

Start Auditioning

Once you feel that you are ready to take part in your first production, start asking around about different theatre productions coming up in your area. Visit local theatres and get to know some of the people involved. Find out when auditions start and try to take part in a large variety of shows. Depending on the size of the theatre community in your area, you may find it difficult to land a role on your first try – do not get discouraged. Keep at it and continue to audition for roles. Eventually, you will get your chance. After you get a role and take part in a stage production, do not let nerves get the best of you. If you forget your lines, keep the story going. Your fellow actors, if they are experienced, should be able to get you back on track quickly.

Performing on stage can be very rewarding, whether you are looking for a career beyond the stage or simply want to take part in productions in your area as a fun hobby. The best way to get started is to get out there and start auditioning for roles and taking part in your local theatre community.